York County Beekeepers Association



CCBA provides members with many benefits, such as:

Club Meetings

Open Hive Sessions and Workshops

Mentoring for New Beekeepers

Honey Extractors available for rental

Educational materials available for rental

Google Group – an internet forum where questions and answers may be posted

Membership Dues

Annual dues are payable on the first day of each calendar year. Renewals or new membership can be submitted at a regular meeting, using your PayPal account below, or sent to the club’s Membership Officer, Janet Anker. She can be contacted at: jsbees@gmail.com.

Join now via Paypal

Individual annual $5.00

Family annual $10.00

Individual 5 years $20.00

Family 5 years $40.00

We also recommend that you consider membership in the MSBA.

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